Overcome becomes Certified Brand

Overcome becomes Certified Brand

Natural Supplement Brand, Overcome, becomes Certified through Physician-Backed Endorsement

Physicians Cannabinoid Council awards Overcome’s Active Relief product with Quality Verified Seal


Lexington, KY: Early last week, the Physician’s Cannabinoid Council (PCC) awarded Overcome’s Active Relief product with their Quality Verified Seal, making Overcome a Certified Brand. Overcome’s Active Relief capsules were made to support a healthy inflammatory response to exercise induced inflammation. The PCC evaluated the product through rigorous testing to validate the quality of the product for consumers.

Many products make false claims of potency, contain toxic chemicals, and even have Certificates of Analysis (COA) that have been tempered with. Many consumers are unaware of what products contain and are unsure of how to find or even read a product’s COA. Products with the Quality Verified Seal from the PCC have been evaluated and reviewed for the safety of consumers due to the exorbitant number of products in the market that are not trustworthy and unsafe to consume. The PCC tests products on the origin of the plant, extraction method, legitimacy of the company, GMP manufacturing certification, label claim(s), other integrated ingredients, and the lab results of final product testing. To further verify the legitimacy of claims, some products are also included in a “product efficacy trial” by the PCC which involves analysis of real-world data on use, performance, and quality on 25-30 volunteers via MoreBetter technology, the Releaf App.

Overcome’s Active Releaf product has been involved in a study with researchers at the University of Michigan, MoreBetter (Releaf App), and LEVEL on the efficacy of unique cannabinoid formulations for chronic pain. Participation in the study is not only important for the legitimacy of the product claims, but also for furthering research, raising awareness, and reducing the stigma against cannabinoid use. The results of the study are reviewed by the PCC, reported findings are given to the brand, and the Quality Verified Seal is awarded so consumers can feel confident and safe in trusting the brand.

About the Physicians Cannabinoid Council: The Physicians Cannabinoid Council is a board of advisors specialized in various medical fields who support and spread awareness of cannabis research for potential health benefits. The PCC is committed to testing the legitimacy of products and their claims to aide consumers in making safe and informed decisions on CBD.

About Overcome: Overcome LLC, a subsidiary of OP Innovates, is a natural supplement brand that formulates for optimized absorption, targeted recovery and responsive results. Overcome uses patented, organic bioavailability technology, powered by Naturia+, and science-based formulations to empower you to achieve your desired lifestyle. Initially started with the mission of supporting our Founder’s journey to overcome Lyme Disease, Overcome donates 1% of sales to Lyme Disease research and education. At Overcome we believe the first step is to say you can!

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