Naturia+ Improving Bioavailability of Overcome Products

When it comes to nutrition and supplementation, bioavailability, or the amount of an active ingredient being absorbed into the bloodstream, is an essential attribute to achieving the most effective results.

Water soluble ingredients like B-vitamins, vitamin C, and caffeine readily absorb in the body because our bodies are most made of water. Conversely, fat soluble ingredients have trouble absorbing in the body because fat and water don’t mix well.

This means when supplementing with fat soluble nutrients like vitamin D3, vitamin K2, vitamin E, CoQ10 and cannabinoids absorption levels are normally 20% of less of what actually is consumed.

Efficacy is important to a successful pathway to achieve an individual’s health and wellness goals. This is of particular concern for individuals who have even more difficulties absorbing nutrients.

However, there are ways to improve the bioavailability of these fat-soluble nutrients. Common formulation practices include nano-emulsion and liposome technologies.

What Bioavailability Technologies are Available? 


Nano-emulsion breaks the nutrients into nano-sized particles in an effort to improve absorption however the safety of this process and its use in the body is unknown.


On the other hand, liposome technologies encapsulate the fats establishing a protective membrane around the fat. Liposomes often are made with a variety of ingredients and normally a carry a harsh flavor making the technology less attractive to consume.


But a new bioavailability technology is now available that offers a unique and organic method for improving absorption of fat-soluble nutrients in the body and is found in Overcome products. Overcome capsules are powered by Naturia+, a patented technology that bio-mimics the power of Mother Nature to pass fat-soluble nutrients naturally into the bloodstream in a highly effective manner. In fact it does so they way that Mother Nature intended.

Naturia+ Offers New, Natural Bioavailability Solution

Naturia Plus means better absorption which equals better results. Overcome’s products featuring Naturia+ allow our ingredients to reach the blood stream faster, peak at stronger levels and last longer in the body than traditional ingredients. It also is 100% natural with no synthetic or artificial ingredients, making Naturia+ the natural solution to bioavailability.

By further activating ingredients like cannabinoids, CoQ10, and vitamins Overcome products are better, faster, stronger and longer.

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