Kristen McClellan explains how she learned to overcome

Learning To Overcome & Live Your Best Life

Sometimes a change in perspective, some new habits, and a little inspiration can make a huge difference in our lives.


Kristen McClellan recently shared an Instagram story about the many ways she’s learned to overcome her struggles, including using Overcome Every Day products. We asked her to share a little more about how she learned about CBD and the ways it helps.

Learning to Overcome

Kristen told us she struggled with anxiety and postpartum depression, which is part of what led her to investigate CBD and Overcome Every Day products.

“My sister uses CBD oil for her son, so when she told me y’all were based out of Kentucky I was more than thrilled to shop local and support a Bluegrass State business,” Kristen tells us over email.

According to her post, and our interview, a series of lifestyle changes led to her feeling much better, and no longer needing to rely on prescription drugs. And Overcome Every Day is a major factor in improving her outlook on life!

“My relationship with my fiancé and my children has never been better and I only have y’all to thank for that.”

A lot of other new, good habits also contribute to Kristen feeling better about life.

“Recently, I’ve started taking better care of myself mentally and physically,” she explains. “I workout, track nutrition, take walks with my girls, self reflect, journal, and try to be a better mother a little more each day.”

Some other positive changes include trying to live more in the present moment, including limiting her interactions with social media and screens in general. As her story says, “Spend more time with my girls, less time watching TV/looking at phone.”

‘Never take a day for granted’: Kristen’s tips for overcoming & living better

We asked Kristen for any tips she wanted to share with others who are learning to overcome. Here’s what she wrote:

“My advice would be to take a look around you, life is incredibly short. Never take a day for granted. Be the best person you can be and leave behind a better world for tomorrow. But my best piece of advice? Try these products if you need help mentally or physically. The CBD oil has completely changed my perspective on life.”

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