Overcome Founder Annie Rouse in Banff National Park

Bringing Hope and Inspiration to You - Our Founder's Story

Bringing Hope and Inspiration to You

Hello Friends!

My name is Annie Rouse. In 2009 I wrote a paper for college. Little did I know that college paper would change my life, for better and for worse.

The paper took me on a journey to study for a master's in international environmental policy and business administration with the end goal of changing the policy on hemp and establishing a business to better our world. 

My graduate school professors convinced me to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship in Canada, with the topic of assessing hemp's environmental impact. In 2013 I received the scholarship and moved to Calgary, Canada where my life would change forever.


It made my love for the hemp plant stronger than ever, but more so, it was one fateful hike in Banff National Park that altered my life's course. I don't remember the tick but I remember the rash.

Two years later I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, an incurable disease that would hinder my well-being to massive degrees. I'm not one for being defeated, so I began to research everything I could to overcome the challenges that laid ahead of me. The more researchers, medical professionals, and pharmacists that I conversed with, the more treatments I uncovered - many of which cost a fortunate and none of which actually cured the disease.

But at the end of the day, the one thing that has helped me maintain my active lifestyle is what drew me into Canada and Banff National Park to start -- hemp. 

A fateful phone call conversation with a colleague who unbeknownst to me was a Lyme Disease Pharmacist formulator allowed me to understand the physical and chemical problems that were occurring in my body no thanks to the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria ticks leave behind... 

Oxidation, inflammation, glutamine deficiencies, magnesium deficiencies, vitamin D3 deficiencies... issues with fatigue, mental health, nerve pain, muscle atrophy all just to name a few. My body would constantly be in fight or flight mode. 

Eating healthier would help me reduce inflammation and minimize deficiencies, but more needed to be done. 

Steps to healthier eating included: 

  1. Lots of greens and toxin-ridding foods - broccoli, asparagus, garlic, onions, brussell sprouts
  2. Lots of Proteins - especially foods high in conditional amino acids
  3. Minimizing sugars - especially the fake ones
  4. Minimizing processed foods 
  5. Eating organic whenever possible - to reduce additional toxins from entering your system

At this point I turned to the hemp plant. I increased my usage of hemp hearts and hemp protein - a nearly inert tasting small de-hulled seed that could be added to anything I ate.

Hemp hearts and hemp heart protein are high in proteins and contains 6 of the 8 conditional amino acids that are not produced when your body is in fight or flight mode. 

Then I turned to cannabinoids. I knew a lot about it already from my research and had considered taking it to help cope with the oxidation and inflammatory issues associated with Lyme Disease. CBD was all the rage at the time and there were processors all around me from whom I could purchase product, make product and try it on myself. So I did just that. 

I'd try new cannabinoids like CBG for long periods of time and consider its effects on my body - my mood, my concentration, my energy levels. I asked and noted how did each ingredient impact my mental and physical state.

I researched endocannabinoid deficiencies and started to realize that my Lyme Disease may just be a direct relation to this issue, so I carried on my research.

Eventually, after working through these cannabinoids, trying them on myself and others, we started to turn the R&D into reality, launching Overcome. 

Each ingredient is specifically chosen to support a specific function to achieve the desired effect. 

Am I cured? No. These products will not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. But they have brought balance back to my life when I felt nothing but imbalance. 

What we provide to you is hope, direction and inspiration, alongside guaranteed quality, manufactured and tested for myself and you. We encourage you to give them a try. We let your experience with our products speak for themselves.

The first step is to say you can! 

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