Overcome launching performance series

‘Overcome Performance Series’ Boosts Your Workouts, Eases Recovery Naturally

‘Overcome Performance Series’ Boosts Your Workouts, Eases Recovery Naturally

2 new fitness supplements from the successful wellness brand Overcome Every Day launch at The Run Show this week.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA -- After helping thousands of people experience improved nutrition, better moods and healthier sleep through successful wellness supplements, Overcome Every Day is branching out into a new line of fast-acting fitness supplements designed to support peak performance and recovery.

The Overcome brand began after Co-Founder Annie Rouse developed Lyme Disease, and discovered that hemp-based supplements could support optimal wellness and her active lifestyle, even in the face of her condition. The new Performance Series, launching this week at The Run Show in Chicago, builds on this success and will offer three specialized ways to get the most from every workout.

“To create fitness supplements that really make a difference, I knew I needed the support of the best experts around, and I’m extremely proud of the team that worked with me on the Overcome Performance Series.”

Joining Rouse in creating these unique supplements is Dr. Jim Kane, Chief Science Officer at OP Innovates, Overcome’s parent company. Kane holds a PhD in microbiology, and boasts over 50 years in research and pharmaceutical development. He’s also the co-inventor of Naturia+, the patented delivery system behind Overcome Every Day capsules. Overcome’s Performance Series are the only fitness supplements available with this technology.

“Naturia+ is scientifically proven to improve absorption of fat-based molecules, rapidly delivering the functional ingredients in the Overcome Performance Series directly to the bloodstream,” Kane said. “You’ll get more from every dose, when compared with other fitness supplements.”

The third member of the team behind these supplements is Jeremy Mayer. A former college athlete, Jeremy attended graduate school at Columbia University and has been working as a sports physiologist for 20 years. He has over 15 years experience as the elite athlete physio at events such as the Millrose Games, NYC Marathon and Penn Relays, even working with Olympic and professional runners. His main focus is injury prevention and recovery for endurance athletes.

“Athletes and other highly active people need supplements that work fast, which is why I was so excited about partnering with Overcome to create their Performance Series,” said Mayer. “These supplements will help runners and other athletes get the most from every workout, and help them recover quickly so they can get right back into the action.”

The Overcome Every Day Performance Series is launching with two core products, available immediately:

  • Energy - Ready to run? Energy fuels focus and motivation when you need it most. This full-spectrum fitness supplement adds in natural energy boosting nutrients, for the perfect pre-workout boost.
  • Active Relief - Overcome’s full-spectrum Active Relief capsules keep you moving, improving flexibility and dramatically speeding up post-workout recovery. Feel better fast and get back to your next run!

“Overcome Performance Series supplements are safe, all-natural, and most importantly, they really work,” said Mayer. “I’m very excited for other runners to experience these incredible benefits, and discover how far they can go with our support.”

Rouse and the Overcome team will be available in-person during The Run Show. 

About Overcome

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Overcome Every Day is a unique supplement brand formulated to help individuals overcome life’s greatest challenges. Inspired by the co-founder Annie Rouse’s battle with Lyme Disease and her desire to maintain an active, optimal lifestyle, Overcome is building on their successful line of wellness supplements by expanding into unique new fitness blends. Made with the patented Naturia+ technology, Overcome products are easier to absorb and more effective than any other brand. Find them online here

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